NFL Fantasy Football 2016 - Week 6 - Murphy's Law

So this week anything, and everything, that could go wrong did go wrong. A resurgent Tom Brady took down the majority of my team singlehanded. Everyone underperformed. Everything. Ugh.

The Teams:

One player managed to get into double figures, yup it was that sort of week... Frustratingly, this was the sort of game I could have won if only a few of my players had lived up to the modest expectations predicted before the games kicked off.


JDD 9.80 / 4AG 27.24 (- 17.44)

Derek Carr started off well enough against Kansas before with a TD right at the start of the game. After that it all went downhill, two turnovers and not a lot of yards later he had lead Oakland to their second loss of the season. Hopefully he can bounce back next week against Jacksonvillle. On the other side Tom Brady was Tom Brady, and he could easily carry 4th and Goal (and the Patriots) into the playoffs.


JDD 17.50 / 4AG 17.10 (+ 0.40)

The ever reliable DeMarco Murray picked up my solitary TD this week, although he was held a long way short of 100 yards by Cleveland. Devonta Freeman managed 50 yards against Seattle, but he never looked like kicking it up a gear against the Seahawks.


JDD 8.10 / 11.50 (- 3.40)

The combined totals of both teams would have been a respectable total for a single WR1, unfortunately neither of us could be happy with the performance of our WRs. Crabtree only had two catches for the first time since the middle of last season and even worse only 10 yards... Hopkins did a little better with 71 yards, but that was not nearly enough for an early round draft pick who has been disappointing since week two.


JDD 3.60 / 4AG 1.30 (+ 2.30)

Zach Miller had an average outing for a TE, my opponent had to scour the waiver wire and pick up Jesse James after Jordan Reed was ruled out in the concussion profile. TEs never seem to make or break a team but decent performances are always appreciated.


JDD 7.40 / 4AG 11.30 (- 3.90)

Hurns justified my choice to start him, more than my other 2 WRs, but he wasn't quite as good as Randall Cobb, who grabbed a TD. I feel that a run of TDs are just around the corner for Hurns and I really hope that I can take advantage of it and push on towards a playoff spot.


JDD 6.00 / 4AG 8.00 (- 2.00)

A disappointing performance from Atlanta lead to a disappointing score for Bryant. Hauschka missed two kicks but was still able to outperform Bryant on the day due to the greater number of opportunities granted to him. San Diego next week should be a nice remedy to the issue.


JDD 0.00 / 4AG 12.00 (- 12.00)

A solitary sack was all that the Rams managed this week. In comparison the Cardinals were dominant against New York for my opponent. There is an awful lot of talent on this Rams team, but they are being undermined at every turn right now and there seems to be very little light at the end of the tunnel...


The bench was pretty much a non-story this week. Jeffery and Matthews could have contributed but neither had enough points to make any difference to the final result. Matt Jones would have been a brilliant start for my opponent, but in the end he didn't need him. Travis Benjamin continues to have issues with fumbles, 3 in four weeks is unacceptable for any player at this level and I can't help but think that these issues will catch up with him and take away his opportunities in the San Diego offence.

Best Possible Lineup, week 6:

QB: Derek Carr (9.80)
RB1: DeMarco Murray (12.50)
RB2: Devonta Freeman (5.00)
WR1: Alshon Jeffery (9.30)
WR2: Jordan Matthews (7.50)
TE: Zach Miller (3.60)
W/R: Allen Hurns (7.40)
K: Matt Bryant (6.00)
DEF: LA Rams (0.00)

Total: 61.10 (- 8.70)




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