Season of War Battle Report: Death vs Order (Stormcast Eternals andDwarves)

Games Workshop have set up a global campaign! Again!! And if you cannot tell from my liberal use of exclamation marks I am just a bit excited. 

Over the next few weeks, Age Of Sigmar players will determine the fate of the Mortal Realm. Fighting is split into three arenas based on geographical location. As I am based in the UK I shall be fighting in the Greywater Fastness arena. 

Early indications are that the forces of Order are very popular and therefore they are likely to win it all at the end of the day. This is also reflected in my local area where the vast majority of players are using order armies, with a smaller number playing as Chaos. Finally you have muggins here as the sole representative for the forces of Death. 

The first battle scenario is a twist on the old battle lines scenario from Warhammer Fantasy Battles but with no points values (yet) victory conditions are slightly different. Quite simply, by the end of turn 5 the player with the most units/warscrolls in their opponents final quadrant (I will explain the quadrants in a moment) wins. In the event of a tie, the player who has killed more units in their opponents half of the board wins. 

To set up the board is split into 4 sections lengthways. Each player gets two quadrants on one side of the board, with a depth of 12" each and 24" total. Any unit of 10+ models must be set up in the 12" closest to the middle of the board, anything closer goes in the second quadrant closer to your own board edge. As a final twist, any unit of 10+ models that is wiped out can re-enter play in that players next hero phase from their own table edge. 

So with that all set out we can move on to the actual battle. I am representing Death, and Chris had his forces of Order. As there are no limitations currently in Age of Sigmar our battle ended up being quite one sided in my favour, but we will return for a second round with more balanced forces in future. 

To represent the uneven balance we went with a narrative of the Supreme Lord of Undeath Nagash launching a surprise attack on an unsuspecting column of Stormcast Eternals on their way to reinforce the mortal realm. 

Nagash, being the tactical genius that he is decided to hide behind the tower to avoid the dwarves with Grudgehammer Torpedoes who could really ruin his day. 

The liberators and skeletons started off in the centre, expecting a giant melee to ensue with a group of crypt ghouls on the flank. On the far flanks the prosecutors set up opposite the skeleton horse archers while the black knight bus and dire wolves set up unopposed on the left, with Terry the Terrorgheist for support. 

In the more reserved roles the torpedo dwarves seems up in the central forest hoping to pick off any monsters that came their way while there was a liberal sprinkling of vampires across the Death side of the board and Manny lording it over everyone in the centre. The Dracothian guard set up near their lords at the front of the back quadrant. Finally, 5 hexwraiths and 4 morghast set up to support the skeleton horse archers. 

Turn one, Order gets priority. 

A desperate all out assault is launched. The liberators charge the skeletons and ghouls in the centre while the Dracothian Guard charge a second group of skeletons in the pass. On the right flank a group of Paladins lightning strike in and charge the hexwraiths while the prosecutors jump forward and attack the skeleton horse archers before they can fire. 

With not a lot of shooting to do the dwarves blast away at some skeletons and the guard chuck their hammers at their opponents. 

Combat did not go too well for Sigmar's finest. The skeleton blocks managed to bog down the attacks from the liberators and on the flank the Paladins barely touched the hexwraiths. Unfortunately for the Paladins they were also too close to the morghast who were able to pile into combat and decimate them. 

In the skeleton horse archer/prosecutor battle the true MVPs were the skeletal steeds. It is nice to see that the classic WFB trope of horses being better at fighting than their riders still stands true in AoS. 

The counter punch from the forces of Death was brutal. The dire wolves and black knights charged forward to secure their area of the Order side of the board. In the centre Manny and Nagash decided to use magic to neuter the liberators stuck in combat and wipe the dwarves from the face of existence, although they would return in the next hero phase as per the scenario rules. 

With the Dracothian guard trying to use the pass to defend their flanks enough space was left behind for the vargheist to fly past and charge them in the rear. But just in case that was not enough Terry the Terrorgheist also jumped forward and proceeded to scream away their resolve, leaving behind little but quivering wrecks waiting to be picked off. 

The morghast attempted to charge the prosecutors but a double one said that it wasn't to be their day, not that it mattered with the super skeletal steeds giving them a good kicking all on their own. 

Turn two, Order gets priority. 

With the dead pile mounting Order made one last ditch attempt to break through the droves of dead marching their way. The liberators and dwarves re-entered play and attempted to punch through the dire wolves and black Knights, with the support of their Lord Celestant on a Dracoth, but Chris' dice abandoned him. A great vampiric charge tore through the Lord and Terry once again flew forwards to feast on his enemies. 

With all hope lost the Stormcast Eternals conceded defeat and fled from the battle. Their fallen comrades to be raised and initiated into the grand army of death. 

Post game analysis. 

I'm not really sure that there is too much to say about this one. The game was unbalanced to start, although both sides were happy to agree to this in terms of the narrative, but the forces of Order were willing to make a good go of it in the middle. 

The morghast and hexwraiths were particularly impressive and the skeletons made a good tarpon for the liberators and Dracothian Guard. I may well have to get some more morghast based on this performance, their movement and combat potential are deadly, and with enough wounds and saves to absorb some hefty damage they could really prove useful going forwards. 

But for all the strength of the true combat performers it was the skeletal steeds of the horse archers who have to take MVP. Completely unheralded coming into the game they kicked, quite literally, the butt off the prosecutors who came their way at the start. I get the feeling that they would have beaten anyone in this battle and are worthy award winners for the day. 

I hope you have enjoyed this short battle report today. Please leave a comment down below and let me know what you have thought of the Season of War campaign so far. 

All the best,



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