It's been a while... The second attempt

Back in February I said that I planned to write more articles on here, then real life became difficult and I started to make excuses and before I knew it months had passed and I had made no meaningful contribution to the site.

I've decided to turn this around.

I enjoy writing, it is somewhat cathartic and helps me to put myself out there when I could otherwise retreat more deeply inside of myself. There has always been that nagging thought at the back of my mind that needs affirmation. I need to be good enough, I need to know I am good enough before I make the jump. Although I enjoy writing, I have always worried about sharing it just in case someone else thinks that it is awful, so I would keep it to myself. Better safe than sorry, but looking back that has only held me back, and let's face it there will always be someone who criticises your work regardless of its quality.

I have spent a good many years being cautious when really to live is to take risks, not crazy risks but calculated, the sort that help you grow. I sat down with someone, many people, who have told me this and I think it is time to start believing them!

I will get out and write more, I will share it more often, I pledge it to myself more than anyone else as ultimately I am the person who will hold me most accountable.

I guess that this doesn't really fit in with anything else on this website, a rambling stream of consciousness unrelated to games or events. But I needed to put something in writing, so that I don't just push it aside when it comes down to actually writing. No more excuses.




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