Football Manager 2016 - Charlton - Meet The Players

Following on from last time out and meeting the staff, it would seem fitting to introduce you to some of the key players in the squad this season. The players will be the ones out there fighting it out on the pitch for Charlton, and although I like to think I have some sort of control over our results it ultimately comes down to the players and how they perform week in week out. 

Of course, these are not the only players in the team, but they form the spine of the team and I feel that they will prove integral to what I am trying to achieve. With this in mind they cover all areas of the squad, attack, midfield, defence and even the goalkeeper. Each one has an important role to play, and if they don’t live up to expectations then we may struggle to reach the board’s mid-table expectation let alone my higher expectations for the team.

Stephen Henderson

First up is the number one at Charlton Athletic. Unfortunately, he starts the season in the physio room with a damaged shoulder and a history of injury problems. While Nick Pope is an able deputy it is Stephen who has proven to be the more reliable keeper over the past season. We need him to return to full fitness and be back at the level he was before the injury bug struck, otherwise there could be a glaring weakness at the back.

Stephen is your typical big shot-stopper. Decent across the board for your standard keeper and not too shabby as a sweeper keeper which I like to use at times if my defensive line is pushed high up. Hopefully, once he shakes off the injuries, he can develop a bit more and really push on for Charlton as he still has many years ahead of him for a goalkeeper.

Chris Solly

Next up is Chris Solly, a long term Charlton favourite, Vice Captain and academy graduate. Chris was linked with a number of Premiership clubs a few years ago but rumours of knee issues and a stint on the sidelines have put those interested parties off to a degree.

What Chris lacks in stature he makes up for in presence and when he is fully fit he is ever present in the Charlton defence. Chris' best role is as an attacking full back or wing back, taking the game to the opposition in support of the winger in front of him. He also starts the season as Charlton's only experienced right back, so it is imperative that he remains fit, at least until an able backup is found. While some of the youth players may be able to step in for a game or two, any long term injuries would be a cause for concern. A lot of teams may underestimate him due to his size, but if he plays to his potential he is a game winner capable of creating chances out of nothing up and down the right wing.

Jordan Cousins

Master of the engine room and another academy graduate and fan favourite, Jordan is the driving force of the midfield. Recent managers have shifted him out to the wing to accommodate a number of central midfielders at the club while also taking advantage of his athleticism. But despite this, Jordan's best position is still in the middle of the park. Jordan may be somewhat limited in the final third but he makes up for this for his very strong defensive capabilities.

Quick off the mark and strong in the tackle, you can expect Jordan to be up among the best when it comes to the amount of ground covered and tackles won. He is the definition of tenacious and versatility, able to play nigh on every position on the field. If he can keep up the high work rate and consistency across the whole season then Charlton will have a very special player on their hands.

Johann Berg Gudmundsson

Iceland's answer to David Beckham, JBG burst onto the scene with Charlton last year with a number of eye catching performances and breathtaking goals. Premier League clubs started to sniff around but a new contract tied him to Charlton for the foreseeable future. JBG brings flair to the Charlton Athletic side and a decent shot to boot.

Most people will expect Johann to be key to any potential success that Charlton have this year and that is understandable. He is likely to be the main creative influence in the team and to also contribute a number of goals as well. Not the fastest winger in the world JBG makes up for it with impeccable technique and the ability to complete a pass in the smallest of windows. If we can get him in the right places he will score goals, so I will be trying everything I can to take advantage of this.

Tony Watt

Starting out at Airdrie United Tony Watt quickly moved to Celtic where he made his first big impression. Unfortunately things didn't work out for him in the green and white and he became a bit of a footballing nomad drifting around Belgium before eventually making his way to Charlton as part of "the network".

The talented 21 year old was quickly taken into the hearts of the Charlton faithful with his boyish enthusiasm and neat tricks winning the fans over. Hard working on the field, but perhaps not so much off it, Tony could prove the key man up front for Charlton this season. If his effort on the field can translate into more goals then he could be the main man up front for the team, if not he could still become a very able support striker creating space for another player to be a goal threat. I expect to see him play a number of games and hopefully develop into the player everyone knows he can be while also finding himself a football home at Charlton.

Well there you have it, 5 players who will prove key to the hopes and dreams of Charlton Athletic this year. Each of them have their strengths and weaknesses but as part of a team I hope that they will build each other up and become the foundation of a very strong Charlton team for years to come. Next up we will look at 5 of the up and coming prospects at Charlton Athletic and see if the future is bright in South East London.


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