Battlefield 4 - FPS 30 Day Challenge: Update #2 - Turning a corner

So this update is a bit late, and possibly encompassing two weeks but real life got in the way and I was not able to invest as much game time in Battlefield 4 as I would have liked. Well, at least in terms of getting material to write up this post. The good news is that I finally seem to have turned a corner and I am making progress.

I must admit, after the last past I was getting a bit disheartened, I seemed to have hit a plateau in terms of the K:D ratio I was getting in games and couldn't see a way to improve things, but by some miracle things just seemed to click for me once I got back into the game and I saw a noticeable improvement in results.

That isn't to say that I don't still have the bad result now and then, although they seem to turn up more when I am using unfamiliar weapons or I am more preoccupied with unlocking the next weapon in my class (which means I end up playing as another class, what is up with that?) but anyway. I think I have settled on the SAR-21 with the IRNV-1 sight as my preferred weapon in the Assault category. I know that a lot of people swear by the ACE in reviews but this one just seems to suit my style.

I also have found Operation Locker to be one of my preferred maps as well, which is a surprise as I found it incredibly frustrating to start with. Now, as I know it better, I can find some great angles targeting choke points where I know a number of opponents will try and make headway. This
certainly helps if my stats need a boost!

In terms of results I saw a gradual uptick in the first set of games I played. An overall K:D score of 140/117 brought a small uptick of roughly 0.07 to a total ratio of 1.20 (1.196 if you want to go into that much detail!) which, while an improvement, was not quite as drastic as I had hoped it would be. It seemed to be a case of a number of tight victories with the odd negative result thrown in but I just couldn't break a big result in many games. (there was one 17:9 which was the best of the bunch)

Then something just changed, perhaps I was lucky and ending up on good teams but even when we were losing my scores were not a weight pulling us down. Whatever it was, I saw a massive uptick to 1.29 over the next 15 games. There were some big results but the negative results were no where near the level needed to counterbalance these. I think an awful lot of this game can come down to the team you are on, if you are working as a team you are more likely to see a positive result, whereas if you are up against a very organised opponent and your team is fragmented then no amount of skill will pull the result around for your team.

Thankfully my luck, or newfound skill, has not forsaken me and my latest sets of results continue to mirror the 1.29 ratio from my previous 15 games. This has given me a whole lot of confidence to continue pushing forwards and hopefully, fingers crossed, I will be able to carry this form over into Star Wars Battlefront which has been my main aim from the beginning. While Battlefield 4 is a good game and enjoyable, there is just something about getting to play around in the Star Wars universe which is intoxicating, and I would have hated to go into that game and just being plain awful while my teammates wonder "what the hell is this noob doing!"

I think I may just get one more update in before SW:B is released, no I will, and I really hope that I see one final uptick in results pushing me above the 1.35 mark maybe even into the uncharted territory of 1.5! The opportunity is there, I just need to grab it now.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with this post, it is a bit of a ramble but then I think that may be reflective of my time on Battlefield and so it suits the subject!




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