Star Wars The Force Awakens - new trailer, potential spoilers?

Ok so potential SPOILER warning. These are all just educated guesses based on the new canon but if you want to go into The Force Awakens with no potential storylines spoiled maybe look away now. 

Country bumpkins Finn and Rey believe that all the stories about Jedi and the fall of The Empire are just that, stories. Han corrects them. This suggests that the Iron Blockade is still in place or has grown into the First Order. 

The one clip we have seen of "Luke" is on the fiery planet where Kylo Ren is getting all slashy with his strange lightsaber. Will Luke become a force ghost like Yoda/Obi-Wan? Will he be guiding Rey/Finn to become the next Jedi? Is Luke on some personal mission involving the Knights of Ren?

Leia appears to be telling Rey (or Finn?) to let the force in. It also looked like two women passing Luke/Anakin's old lightsaber between them in the previous trailer. We also know that Bespin was in the sector blockaded. 

Looks like JJ has decided it isn't Star Wars without a "Death Star", we have seen it on the poster, it appears to be firing when Kylo Ren is on the bridge of the star destroyer and we see the forest planet being devastated by some sort of red fire later in the trailer. 

Poe Dameron seems to be getting the Han Solo Bespin torture treatment from Kylo Ren. Will this be his back story or at the end of the film. Or is it in the middle? Finn certainly looked surprised to see him when he was marching off to battle on the forest planet. Has Poe been turned to the First Order?

Finn and KR's lightsaber battle is on the same forest planet. That isn't snow. It's ash. After the super weapon has been fired at it. Why does Finn have the lightsaber if it was give to Rey? Is he protecting her from KR who has come to take her back and indoctrinate her in the Knights of Ren? Has Finn found his cause to fight for?

Rey is getting the Luke on Tatooine treatment. Looking longingly at a ship leaving Jakku, she just wants to go off and join the academy or trade power converters with her friends but she's stuck there... Until Finn and Han show up. 

What is Han doing on Jakku? Running errands? Has Luke had a vision of a new Jedi there and sent Han to fetch them? Has Leia sent him? And why did he say "we're home" in the previous trailer? Did someone on Jakku steal the Falcon and he's gone to get it back?

Who are Han, Chewie and Finn surrendering to on the forest planet?

Oh, and JJ I really don't like the Star Trek hyperspace jump. Get your act together!!

So I have been talking to a friend and they have offered this additional theory on the female voice over:

I think that the woman who speaks in the trailer is Maz Kanata (Lupita Nyong's alien character)

The scene of Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren in the rain is the rumoured Jedi Academy massacre. 

Han, Chewie and Finn are at the castle of Maz Kanata when it's attacked before being rescued by the X-Wings. Rey isn't captured as she ran into the forest which we saw in a previous teaser as she looks up through the trees and sees the First Order ships. 

So this would add up with the earlier "Rose" rumours in February which I had forgotten earlier. There is also talk of Rose/Max having special powers she uses to defeat the stormtroopers so she could be a Jedi. She definitely knows Luke and the lightsaber came to her in the rumours. 

Attached to this rumour was an additional snippet that said you only see Luke at the end of The Force Awakens or in flashbacks. So could this be why we haven't seen him yet?


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