Battlefield 4 - FPS 30 Day Challenge: Update #1

So it seems like it is time for an update on my escapades on Battlefield 4. Firstly, I have been bumped off the "newbie" servers, which wasn't great for me as I am now facing players that are usually 20 levels ahead of me and some have even been 100+ ahead of me!

This gives them access to far better weapons and modifications. But this isn't something I will complain about, it's more for posterity's sake and seeing if this could have a potential impact on the K:D ratio. 

Anyway, looking back at last week there were marked improvements with my results although there seems to have been a dip in form after some initial success. 

For the first period I was looking at the K:D ratio was 1.17, a .11, or 11 extra kills per 100 deaths, improvement on my first foray into BF4. Another comparison to make is that during this period I had 10 positive results (K>D) to 4 negative results (K<D). 

In the initial run there were 9 positive results to 6 negatives, and one neutral (K=D). So there was also an improvement in the number of games where my results had a positive impact on my team. 

In my next set of results the K:D ratio dropped to 1.12, while this was still an improvement on the first set of results it was an unwanted dip in performance. There was also a drop in positive results, with a ratio of 6:5 and one neutral which was worse than the initial results. This does mean that when I was doing well I was doing really well but I was not doing this well consistently.

And then I had to step up to the big leagues. I knew that moving from the newbie servers to the regular servers would have an impact but I was disappointed with the fact that I had more negative results than positives (8:9). However, on the flip side of this I did push the K:D ratio up a tick (1.13). This would suggest that while my base performance remained the same the game by game results fluctuated massively. I scored 19:8 one game but another saw my score swing to the opposite end of the scale with 8:12 for example. 

The one positive I can take from these latest results is that the most recent 5 games have been as follows:


This would suggest that I am making the required adjustments to the regular servers, and hopefully there will be an uptick in results after this plateau/dip. 

Outside of results I am currently sticking to the official servers, this means that I can continue earning XP and receive some of the upgrades other players have already received. My hope here is that this will level the playing field to some degree. While I am happy with some of the assault builds I currently have they are not considered optimum by the players with more experience.

On the weapons front I have decided to avoid any laser sights of flash lights as I find these give away your position too easily in the close quarters combat they are designed for. Additionally I don't make the most of the hip fire bonuses they offer as I spend most of my time aiming down sights. In Operation Locker I have found that the night vision sight can offer some benefits, especially in the darker corners, but you can also be easily blinded by flashlights or laser sights. A simple red dot sight is my preferred option right now, it offers better visibility than iron sights and helps with accuracy. 

Teamwork has also proven key. Going off as a lone wolf doesn't seem advisable on BF4 as you are too easily picked off, but working in teams of 3 definitely boosts your survivability, even if it costs you some kills. I do seem to get a lot of "assists" but I haven't found a way of tracking these. I would be curious to see how many assists I have in comparison to kills. 

Finally, I have been learning more and more about the maps which is definitely beneficial. Knowing where your enemy is is one thing, but having 3 or 4 options to get to them is a lifesaver. Literally. Early on I would go route A every time but now I know a bit more about the maps I can choose a different route if my enemies are solely focused on one area.
Well I think that is about it for this update. Hopefully next time there will be some more consistent results and we will see steady improvement in my gameplay. Then I just have to transfer that knowledge over to Star Wars battlefront in 2 weeks... May the Force be with me...


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