Warhammer comes back to PC

So it's been a busy few days if you are invested in Games Workshop and their games in any way. On the tabletop we have seen the release of Age of Sigmar, GWs brave new direction with their fantasy offering. Needless to say (just take a look at the Internet forums) it has divided opinions.

In other news Sega have registered the Dawn of War 3 internet domain causing much excitement for the fans of the series. But before you start grabbing your Waaaagh banners and choppas you might want to know this. The domain was originally registered in 2011 and this latest activity could just be a case of Sega protecting their property and preventing some internet troll from squatting on their domain. 

A new entry for the Dawn of War franchise is increasingly possible though. The team that produce the game have been very quiet since the release of Company of Heroes 2, and in previous press releases another in the DoW series has been hinted at as a strong possibility. Considering the success of DoW2 another game in this squad based RTS series would be an attractive proposition to all stakeholders and there seems to be enough of a community out there for sales to be strong again if a decent game is released. 

In the realms of Warhammer Fantasy the upcoming Total War title appears to be ticking along nicely and paying no attention to the Age of Sigmar storm that has been unleashed. Unfortunately they may be creating a storm of their own with  only 4 playable races in the initial release. 

Other races will follow in the months after the release date but a number of players are unhappy about having to pay for a number of DLCs to get races that have been a part of Warhammer lore and legend for years. However, these gamers may have to put up with that considering it will be one of the few remaining links to the old world that they love and saw destroyed before the release of AoS. Creative Assembly themselves are massive fans of the original Warhammer universe and I expect them to make a good job of it, they have been taking on extra staff to make sure that the team can dedicate all their energies to the game. The Total War series has, on the whole, been a success in the world of strategy gaming and if anyone can breathe some life back into the old world it is these guys. Even if we have to pay for every downloaded breath. 


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