Total War: Warhammer - New trailer out tomorrow

The guys and girls over at The Creative Assembly have been busy this week. We got our first look at the Demigryph Knights, the finest knights in The Empire, and tomorrow we will get our first look at the in-game engine. While the Demigryph Knights are really cool I have never been much of an Empire player and therefore they may not excite me as much as some of the other players eagerly awaiting this game.

The in-game trailer promises to introduce us to the legendary Karl Franz and I am interested to see how they bring the characters to life on the PC screen. A lot of their character on the tabletop comes from the imagination of the players, so giving them the freedom to live and move on screen is a bit of a gamble. Some of the magic of the players imagination will be lost in transition but I have faith in the team that brought us so many great strategy titles to do a good job.

Tomorrow will bring us the opportunity to review just how much work has gone into this title and we will have to see if we can spot any extra goodies intentionally, or unintentionally left in the trailer. So, until then...


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