PC Gamers take a lightsaber to the face

So EA have announced that Star Wars Battlefront will not include a split screen co-op mode on PC. Although next gen console versions will.

Honestly, I think this makes sense, most computer monitors aren't as big as your TV screen so you would really need two monitors for a split screen mode to be effective. But that doesn't stop it feeling like a slap in the face to all the gamers who wanted to play this title on PC. 

Battlefront games rely on the multiplayer offering to really draw the fans in and a co-op mode, hanging out with your friends having some fun, would seem like one of those items you just have to include in a title like this. If you want to play co-op with friends you will have to shell out a bit extra for a console copy and make sure your online subscription is up to date!

Back away PC gamers!

At least PC gamers still get their free online play for most games...


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