God of War returns on PS4

Kratos returns to our screens in God of War 3 Remastered, but really he could have just stayed at home. Unlike the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One, or even the upcoming Uncharted collection, we are only deemed worthy of one God of War game.

Don't get me wrong, God of War 3 is a great game, but if you are going to release a remastered game then you might as well give it everything you've got. Unfortunately this hasn't happened here. The improvement in graphics is negligible and this is made to look worse with great titles such as The Witcher 3 flowing over the air waves. 

Limiting the release to only one game also leaves you feeling short changed, especially as earlier games would probably have benefited more from the graphics boost. If you are paying around GBP 30 for a game you want to get your money's worth. There's no extra content from what we have seen so you will be walking down the same paths you covered on PS3. One addition is the ability to take photos in the 1080p resolution but as most gamers will be more preoccupied with playing the game this does feel like a bit of a bolt on to make you think you are getting something for nothing. 

As the trailer closes out Kratos swears he will have his revenge, but I can't tell if he's referring to the game or the producers that have besmirched his name. 


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