A very late WIP Stormcast Eternal Liberator


So this is Bob, I first intended to do this post for #WIPWednesday however real life came up and threw me a curveball and this is now 3 days late. I don't intend to go into much detail regarding this, basically it won't be a painting guide (I may do one of those later), it is just to quickly go over painting the model.

At first I really thought I wouldn't like these models, they were too 40k, not enough of the fantasy I knew and felt that GW were betraying their heritage. Basically I had turned into an internet troll, but I have managed to get past that stage without burning my whole collection. Now I have to admit that I think some of these new models look really cool, and that they won't just form part of my Blood Angels army, although that could look quite cool as well. They may not form my main army but they will be fun to paint and display.

I chose not to use the new paints from GW, partly due to price but also due to the fact that I didn't want to wait until today to get the chance to paint my new model. Originally I base coated the armour with Balthasar Gold and tried to follow the GW White Dwarf guide for painting the model but it didn't really give me the affect I was after.

Instead I moved away from the Reikland Fleshshade and switch to my favourite shade, Agrax Earthshade. Seriously, Agrax has made my models look awesome more often than I care to remember, if I ever hear that GW are replacing it I will have to buy up all the pots of it in my local area!

For the blue shield and shoulder pads Kantor Blue is great, and then you can use Teclis blue for the edge painting, as GW suggest. The little details on the model really do benefit from the edge painting, it makes the White Scar really pop on the model and adds depth to the blue which otherwise could look quite flat and boring.

I just want to finish this off by saying please don't write off the Age of Sigmar release because of the internet trolls who feel that they need to criticise every small part of the game. Yes there are some silly parts, there are some oversimplifications and there are some errors of judgement. But every game has these. It is the community that makes or breaks a game, we can take this average game and make it into something fun and special. Give Age of Sigmar a go, don't expect it to be Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition, just go out and have fun with some good friends and it may just surprise you.




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